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Are you curious about the advantages of social media marketing?

With over 2 billion users worldwide, your consumers are already using it. As a result, social media should be a key component of your brand’s marketing plan.

Benefits of Social networking sites

1. Lead Generation On Social Media

Over 70% of small businesses use social platforms to get more leads.

However, leveraging Social networking sites offers much more than just leads. Advanced targeting’s capacity to produce highly qualified leads. You can easily target your audience on social media.

image lead generation on social media

Promoting knowledgeable content on social networking sites is an excellent way to begin. You need material for this that aligns with your followers’ interests.

  1. Creating visually appealing and “on-brand” visuals
  2. Writing for your viewers
  3. A call to action that conveys a sense of urgency should be included.

2. Improve Search Engine Ranking

Although there is much discussion on this subject, the fact remains that social platforms may (and will) raise your search engine position.

How? Your website’s domain authority rises as the frequency of its social networking sites shares rises. Your pages’ search engine rating improves as a result. But it goes beyond that. Before going to your website, many customers check out your social media profiles to learn more about your company and products. Your social platform pages’ rankings will rise as a result of more visits, increasing the likelihood that they will rank among the top pages.

image improve search engine ranking on social media

3. Drive Traffic

Small businesses typically use social networking sites with the aim of boosting website traffic. With 78 percent of small firms claiming to use social platforms to boost website traffic

You’re missing out on organic traffic if you don’t have a strong social media presence. This indicates that a consistent small number of people who are currently following you are the source of all of your traffic. Poor idea. If you want to increase traffic, you must broaden your brand’s reach.

image drive traffic on social media

4. Keep An Eye On Competitors

Even though it may seem unusual, social networking sites is an excellent way to monitor your rivals. It gives you the chance to keep an eye on their performance and get ideas from it. You can see the content they post and the interactions they have with their followers.

Social platforms can also assist you in gaining insight from your rivals. Your competition must be performing better than you for a valid reason. Take note of their tactics, but be careful not to blindly duplicate and implement them. 

image competitors on social media

5. Develop Trust With Customers

Social platforms are much more than just a place to advertise and sell the goods and services of your small business. You have the chance to gain customers’ trust and cultivate a following of devoted clients. Nearly 80 percent of marketers who participated in the online platforms Examiner study believed that using social media to build a loyal following is an effective strategy. All of the content you share on your online platforms should be interesting for your audience and real. Working with an influencer to market your goods or services is one approach to ensure that the content you create possesses these attributes.

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6. Create Brand Recognition

The goal of any small business is to increase awareness.

We know that customers like to buy from well-known brands, thus this is usually the case.

Social media can help with that. Social networking sites have a faster and easier way of getting your brand in front of your target audience than traditional media. Additionally, it causes even those who are not now thinking about your business to consider it. Spend time producing and posting pertinent material, cover shots, and profile pictures on social media platforms. Place your logo in a strategic location to ensure that prospects remember it for a long time. Avoid putting your brand in a location that will be both overbearing and distracting. Don’t forget to concentrate on the visuals as well.

image create brand recognition on social media

7. Increase Conversions

The creation of high-quality traffic isn’t the primary objective for any small firm.

You must convert that traffic into paying consumers if you want to be successful. But how can you increase your social media conversion rate?

The two best techniques are listed below.

image increase Conversion on Social Media

1. Add a Powerful CTA

A compelling call-to-action is crucial since it directs and inspires potential customers to take the next step. It may encourage potential customers to make a purchase.

A compelling call-to-action may be created and posted on your social media pages in a similar manner. This will motivate your followers to make the necessary move, which can be to buy your goods or services.

2. Run competitions, give away items, or provide discounts.

Who doesn’t enjoy sales and freebies? Whatever the sort of business, this technique is affordable and a powerful approach to increasing sales. Additionally, it can assist in product promotion.

Contests and giveaways can be interesting and fun to plan. By encouraging potential customers to interact with your brand more in the hopes of winning something, they assist in raising engagement rates.

As clients eagerly inform their friends about the savings, this might raise awareness of your business or product.


Now it’s your turn to include social media in your small business marketing strategy. We also provide Social Media Marketing services and If you want The Infinix to build your brand on social media, we are here to help you!! check out our services.

Why is social media so important?

In today’s culture, using social media on a regular basis is expected. Decision-making, news and information access, and social engagement are the main uses of social media. It is a helpful tool for talking with individuals locally and internationally as well as for generating, sharing, and spreading information.

Which social media is most popular?

Facebook is by far the most popular social networking platform in the world, with around 2.5 billion users per month.

What are the 7 functions of social media?

presenting a framework that uses seven functional building pieces to characterize social media: identification, dialogues, sharing, presence, connections, reputation, and groups.

Why do people use social media?

Stay updated with the daily news, make new friends online and stay in touch with them, Find funny content like memes.

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